I use a wealth of experience in design-oriented research to understand the actors (people, products, services, platforms) and practices (ideas, rules & activities) involved in potential futures.


I work alongside business, change, UX and development teams to bridge the gaps between research findings, strategic recommendations and tangible design.

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latest blog posts

Archaeology of the Future

Image of strata from an excavation in London (image from the Museum of London)
People's reactions to new ideas are often shaped by existing mental models. The concept of archaeology gives us a way to frame how innovative ideas are first understood.

Business Model Canvas as process diagram

I’m really interested in how simple models help people tackle complex problems, and perhaps most importantly, help teams think about them in similar ways so they can arrive at shared interpretations of ideas.

First 2011 England and Wales Census data released

Pyramid plot of population, England and Wales, Census 2011

In July, the first data was released from the 2011 Census, which details population and household estimates for England and Wales every 10 years.

Beyond products and services to platforms

Some of the heat has gone out of the service/product design debate in the last year or two. We’re now living in a platform-world.

Digital Societies: Bruno Latour and Richard Rogers event at Goldsmiths

A quick discussion of the talk on Digital Societies by Bruno Latour and Richard Rogers at Goldsmiths last Wednesday.